Ten Things to know about Lindsay Ell

  • Lindsay EllLindsay Ell is a rising star in the country music world and will be the special guest of Dylan Scott at Fraze Pavilion on June 18th. Learn some things that fans might not know about her yet!

    The 30-year-old singer released The Continuum Project in 2018, which is a re-imagining of John Mayer‘s album Continuum.

    As an exercise to help her write and record her debut album, her producer Kristan Bush gave her two weeks to record Mayer’s Continuum, playing every instrument on the album. After Lindsay spoke about the project, fans begged her to release the recordings and she finally did last week.

    Here are 10 Fun Facts about Lindsay:

    • 1. I’m originally from Calgary, Canada. I’ve been living in Nashville for 8 years now. It’s home. If I could have another home somewhere part-time, it would either be Austin or LA.
    • 2. I love dogs. Am SUCH a dog person. Have grown up with them all my life. I travel way too much right now, and live alone, so I can’t have one myself. But I live vicariously as a dog owner through all of my friends’ amazing dogs. My girl Cassadee Pope’s dog, Cuppy, is my boyfriend. 🙂
    • 3. I was valedictorian of my high school, and graduated a year early.
    • 4. I took 7 years of French in school growing up (grade 4-11), and still can only say words like dog, pumpkin, Christmas, and “my name is….” I’m an expert on the holidays. I can understand it a lot better than I can speak it though!
    • 5. I love working out. Yoga, running, and am really into kickboxing right now.
    • 6. My first concert was Metallica. We were sitting so high up in the arena that we couldn’t even see Lars’ kit through all the smoke. My second concert was Terri Clark.
    • 7. I love chocolate. I eat it everyday. Especially dark raw chocolate.
    • 8. My favorite color is blue. My nails are blue almost everyday.
    • 9. My favorite animal is a dolphin. They are fast, smart, and creative – all things I want to be everyday. And they always look happy.
    • 10. I am obsessed with shoes. Especially sneakers, high tops, and running shoe wedges. I feel I play shows better in them, and can run around stage easier.



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