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    The Commodores
    "Night Shift"

The Commodores

with special guest Touch

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 7:30 PM

For three decades, the Commodores have remained a force in the music industry – “The Legends of Motown,” “Hit, After Hit, After Hit,” “Grammy Award Winners,” “All The Emotion, All the Excitement,” “If You Haven’t Seen Them Live, You Haven’t Heard The Commodores.”

The Commodores aren’t just any group. They have staying power. Just like their hit song “Brick House,” the Commodores have created a foundation that just won’t budge.

After churning out hit after hit in the Motown days, the Commodores still hadn’t achieved Grammy recognition. This wasn’t to be until 1986, without Lionel Richie, when the Commodores released “Night Shift.”

In 1968 the group was formed while all the members were in college at Tuskeegee Institute. After being discovered by Berry Gordy, the Commodores went on to sell over 60 million records for Motown. With hits like “Machine Gun” and “Sail On”, the Commodores became proven artists. They proved it then. They proved it in 1986 with “Night Shift”, and now they are ready to prove it again.

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Motown Sounds of TOUCHTouch

The Motown Sounds of TOUCH is the premier No. 1 “Old School” and Motown Sound Tribute Band in the Land! No one does it better!

TOUCH has been entertaining and delighting audiences all over the country for over 15 years. Their energetic dance performances and engaging personalities have brought many an audience to their feet!

Don’t miss the Motown Sounds of Touch on this special night.

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Proceeds to benefit Holy Trinity Church