A Conversation with Josh Shilling of Mountain Heart

Posted on 2014-06-16.

Josh Shilling

By Jim Bucher (Buch)

On June 9, 2014 Mountain Heart quietly entered a recording studio near Asheville, North Carolina to begin recording what they are already saying will be their most exciting and ambitious project in their 15 year career. “It’s been a few years since we’ve been back in the studio. We had fans asking for a new record. We think we have very strong material and folks will be pleased. The new record should be out at the end of the year” lead singer/songwriter Josh Shilling says, ‘Plus, it’s time we got off our butts and back into the studio.”

The Martinsville, Virginia native began playing the piano at a mere 7 years old. “Played churches, bars, anywhere I could” Josh says.

After playing with many notable groups, 2007 found Shilling joining acclaimed bluegrass ensemble Mountain Heart.

“It’s been a wonderful experience joining up with these guys, but the best was my first gig at The Grand Ole Opry and here I am performing an original song with the guys and we get a standing ovation. The general manager of the Opry said rarely does anyone get a standing O, let alone their first time out” Shilling says.

Mountain Heart was founded in 1999 and is the band that has been fearlessly revolutionizing the way acoustic music can be presented and played. Made up of founding member Jim Van Cleve, Barry Abernathy, Jason Moore, Aaron Ramsey, Seth Taylor and Shilling, Josh says this is his family on the road so we better all get along.

“It’s funny, but you start to think like each other, finish sentences, pretty cool.”

The band performs several concerts each year and Josh says, “One of our most favorite places is Fraze. The venue is great, audiences are dancing in the aisles. Can’t ask for anything better.”

So what can Fraze fans expect when they take to the Fraze stage?

“We mix it up a lot, even a little jazz, just a nice blend, something for everybody as they say for our friends in Kettering. I hope the folks that come have seen a Mountain Heart performance before and want more. We hope you all will come out and see us at Fraze. You’ll be glad you did.”

And on that note, see ‘ya next time, oh and maybe at Fraze!

Mountain Heart performs Friday night June 20 at 8:00 p.m.