Interview with Dave Amato of REO Speedwagon

Posted on 2013-06-17.

Written by Jim Bucher.

Just got off the phone with REO guitarist and vocalist Dave Amato.

First, what a great guy. The interview was supposed to be about five minutes and it went 30!

Dave’s been with REO since 1989 and says he loves life and this is always what he wanted to do.

“24 years I can’t believe it, that’s incredible to me. Still having a great time, enjoy it very much. We’re getting along better than ever. No separate busses, always been on the same bus, no controversy here,” he says.

It amazes him the generational make up of the audience, but good music is good music.

“The baby boomers kids know the songs and know the words and are curious to see what we look and sound like ‘live’ and I do think they enjoy it as much as their parents did. The best thing is they keep coming back, like we have a whole new following,” Amato says.

Dave knows the economy is still hurting people and wants people to know, they’re get what they pay for and more. It’s money well spent.

“Ten years ago people had the money to see three, four, five shows, now they may have enough to see REO and somebody else, so we know they use their hard earned money and trust me, they will get their monies worth.” He continues.

It’s been said before, but Dave and the boys want you to forget what ails you while experiencing REO.

“When the audience leaves, I want them to say, man they rocked it, and we’re coming back. You’re not just an older band, you put out tons of energy and we forgot our problems for a couple of hours, that makes us feel great.” Dave says.

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