Casting Crowns headed to Fraze with for King & Country

Posted on 2014-07-14.

Mark Hall, Casting Crowns

By Jim Bucher (Buch)

KETTERING- I’m writing this blog as soon as I got off the phone with Mark Hall, the front man and singer-songwriter of Christian contemporary group Casting Crowns.

Before my call though, I peeked at their touring schedule to see where in the country they might be performing.

“Nope, I’m here in the church office. We tour a few days a week, but always back with my family and youth pastoring at church.” Hall says. “That’s the most important thing, family and church.”

Casting Crowns has been on a musical climb of biblical proportions.

The group’s been together for ten years and has hit the ground running selling more than 8.2 million albums to date and named Billboard magazine’s top-selling Christian act for the past few years.

Friday, July 18, at 8:00 p.m. they perform at Fraze Pavilion along with for King & Country.

This whole ride, Mark says, has been truly a blessing.

“I’ve been writing and singing songs at church for years. So this is how I taught teenagers in youth groups. Like any musician you wonder could this go anywhere, but everything fell into place. We cut a CD. It made its way into the right hands, and here we are!”

Mark says to expect a wonderful evening of uplifting music, love, inspiration and, of course, some fun too.

“Our concerts are very inclusive. With a lot of bands, you go to the concert and know three of four songs because the rest of the playlist are songs you don’t know. We have big screens with video. We tell stories and walk through life together through ministry. Also we have the lyrics to all our songs on the screens. It’s like church, but louder.” Mark says with a laugh.

“You’ll see every age from a 6-year old to a 60-year old. Our music doesn’t isolate anyone – rather it is our lyrics that draw you in. You’ll see people from all walks of life. Our concerts are a great place if you have questions or have friends and family from the outside looking in at who God is. The gospel will be shared all through the night. Not preaching to you, rather sharing that we’re not rock stars, but just a bunch of dorks that mess up sometimes but Jesus loves us anyway!” Hall says.

So, take it from this fellow dork, this is a must see concert that guarantees you’ll feel better when you leave than when you arrived.

“Dayton and Kettering, we are so excited about being with you guys. Can’t wait to see what God does at that concert. We’ll pray for you and you do the same for us as we head your way.”

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