Fraze Team Member Patrick Bailey in his own words

Posted on 2016-05-23.

Pat Bailey

Pictured at right:
Pat Bailey with long time friend Tina Garland

What are your duties at Fraze?
I’ve worked at Fraze since the summer of 2005 so this will be my 12th season. I work the front of house and help check bags, scan tickets, distribute wristbands, check tickets inside the venue, usher people to their seats, and help clean up after the events.

I’m a Special Education Teacher at Belmont High School. I have been happily married for 17 years to my wife Stephanie and we have a wonderful 12-year-old daughter named Jocelyn.

What’s the best part of working at Fraze?
There are several best parts to this job. I have made some wonderful friends among my co-workers throughout the years. I have gotten to work some amazing concerts. If I’m lucky, I will get assigned to work inside the house during the concert so I get to see it up close. Also, I run into people that I’ve known throughout my life during the events and am able to talk to them. Lastly, it is seeing the guests having a great time at our events and coming together as a community. That’s what it is all about.

Do you have a funny story or stories from the past 11 years?
Concerts draw some interesting guests. People have tried to bring some unusual items into the venue (flasks, items to autograph) and of course, we have to confiscate them. Also, people want to meet the entertainers so they come with any excuse to try to do so. Their excuses tend to be very creative and clever.

It’s Fraze 25th anniversary. Can you believe it?
No I can’t. I think the Fraze is one of the best things to ever happen to the Dayton area. Fraze not only brings people together to have a great time, but Fraze make memories too. Personally it has changed my life for the better because I have gotten to meet some wonderful friends and enjoy some amazing concerts.

What comes to mind when I say ‘Fraze?
It involves knowing you are going to be treated with courtesy and made to feel right at home. It involves knowing that there will always be someone there to answer your questions. It involves spending time with family, friends and running into people you might know. It involves not being disappointed in what you are seeing.