“Good Vibes” continue for Chris Janson

Posted on 2019-06-17.

Few artists in any genre are better known for their endlessly sunny disposition and energetic stage show than Chris Janson, so the fact that his new single is titled “Good Vibes” seems particularly apropos. 

“I’m extraordinarily happy that we picked this for the first single [because] it sort of set the tone for the rest of the album, which is very positive and uplifting and is full of a lot of smiles and happiness,” Janson tells Billboard. “Not to say that my other albums have not been that way, but this one has really set a new tone and I’m really proud of that.”

“Good Vibes” is the debut single from Janson’s forthcoming third studio album for Warner Bros./Warner Music Nashville, tentatively due in September. As the video premieres below on Billboard.com, the single is hitting country radio amid high expectations. “I always felt really good about it,” says Janson, “but we’ve been playing the new single around for some people and to be honest with you, it’s kind of created a life of its own.”

The feel-good anthem follows such Janson hits as “Fix a Drink,” “Drunk Girl” and his breakthrough single “Buy Me a Boat.” “Good Vibes” is buoyed by a video that features Janson with his wife, Kelly, and their children. “Most of it is new footage with us at home and out in the country riding around,” he says, adding the clip also includes some older family videos of his children frolicking in the pool and from the holidays.

Directed by Michael Monaco of FlyHi Films, the video also features footage Janson describes as “random acts of kindness and random acts of happiness. Those are real people. That’s a real soldier and real family. That’s probably my favorite part in the video is watching the soldier’s homecoming. Everybody at the food truck and the policemen and the children playing basketball, that’s all real. It’s not actors or stock footage. I just think it’s so neat to see that in the video.”

From the get-go, Janson had a vision for what the video should include. “I was very adamant about it being random acts of kindness, random acts of happiness, random acts of smiling and just doing things that make people happy, which is what ‘Good Vibes’ is all about,” he says.

The video complements the song Janson penned with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell. “People kind of grumble about things now and again. That’s just normal life and we were kind of doing that starting off a co-writing session,” Janson relates, “but it wasn’t in any kind of negative way. It was just things here and there and we remember saying, ‘Good vibes only!’”

That simple mantra became the foundation for the song. “We decided that would probably be a good title to try to write,” Janson says. “It made us all smile and happy. We wrote that song probably within an hour’s time and it just felt like the right thing to do. The world could use that. It’s good messaging and uplifting. Hopefully, it will put a smile on somebody’s face.”

After two successful albums, Jason felt no pressure when he began working on his third set. “I don’t ever feel pressure with music, or pressure with anything, to be frankly honest. I just don’t have pressure. I don’t allow that to creep into my life. I’m so blessed and so grateful for every opportunity that we’ve been given and the things that have been happening. This career has grown unbelievably and it’s something to be thankful for and never to stress about, and this album process has been particularly fun. This is my third album and most people don’t even make it this far. I’m so pleased with the journey we’re on.”

This spring, that journey includes headlining his own dates on the Waitin’ on 5 tour,  as well as joining Chris Young in May on Young’s Raised on Country  trek.  Despite being a relentless road warrior, Janson still found time to co-write every song on the upcoming album. He co-produced two songs with Crowell and the remainder with Tommy Cecil. “We recorded this record primarily at my house and it’s just been really an extraordinary awesome sequence of events,” Janson says. “I’ve never had a process like this go so easily and smooth. The positivity level has been through the roof and it’s natural. That’s the great part about it. Nothing is forced and when you have those kinds of stars aligning how could you not win?”