iCarly Star Miranda Cosgrove Talks about Life on the Dancing Crazy Summer Tour

Posted on 2011-08-09.

On July 28th, Mike Holtzclaw interviewed Miranda Cosgrove for the Daily Press about her Dancing Crazy Summer Tour. Read an excerpt of the interview below and get ready for Miranda’s exhilarating live show, which is coming to Fraze on August 10th. Special guest is Greyson Chance.

Daily Press: Tell me a little bit about what kind of show your fans can expect to see.

Miranda: It’s about an hour and twenty minutes long, and I’ve got a great band – six musicians and two dancers. After I was in “School of Rock,” I learned to play guitar, and I’m still working on it, but I do get to play guitar on a couple of songs each night. The fans really get into that for some reason.

Daily Press: You’ve got to do “Leave it All to Me,” the theme song from “iCarly,” right?

Miranda: Of course! That’s the first song we play every night. Everybody gets up right away and starts dancing. It’s a fun way to start the show.

Daily Press: Your songs are really catchy pop songs with great hooks. They get stuck in your head. Who are some of the pop bands that you’ve always liked listening to?

Miranda: I love the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Tom Petty. I like some current pop singers, too, like Lady Gaga. There’s a band that I just started listening to called Marina and the Diamonds that I really like. They’re pop, but they’re a little bit alternative, too. It’s always fun to find someone new who you haven’t heard before and really get into them.

Daily Press: Do you play all original songs from your CDs on stage, or do you do any cover songs?

Miranda: I love No Doubt, and we do a version of “Just a Girl.” That’s such a great song. And we do a medley of some other popular songs. And then a lot of stuff from my CDs.

Read the full interview here.