Joe Puerta, Ambrosia ‘Exclusive’

Posted on 2015-07-22.

Joe Puerta
By Fraze special correspondent JIM BUCHER

(KETTERING, OH) Many moons ago when I was just a wee lad I remember fondly the 70’s soft rock bands and artists which would be a mellow listening trip.

Well, if you enjoyed those days like I did then you’re gonna’ love Rock the Yacht 2015 featuring Little River Band, Ambrosia, Player, Steven Bishop & Robbie Dupree Thursday night at 7:30pm.

I mean to have one of these groups on stage is reason enough, but 5 bands together is a ‘cool change.’

I just got off the phone with Joe Puerta the bassist/vocalist and co-founder of Ambrosia who’s packing up his things in Delaware and heading to the airport for the flight to Dayton.

Rock the Yacht is an interesting name for a tour. How’d that come about?

“We did a Yacht Rock themed event a few years back and then Jimmy Fallon, when he had his old show, invited us on because he was having a Yacht Rock theme. It’s that west coast sound. From there it took off.” Puerta says.

This is like a ‘back to the future’ event for Joe and the boys.

“We’ve known Little River Band from day one and I think the very first American date they played back in 1976, they were the opening act for us at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in LA.” He says.

And the tour so far?

“It’s been fun and to getting to know these guys really well is wonderful. One surprising thing is Ron Moss, from Player, women just fall down in front of him. He’s the sweetest guy, so down to earth. I wondered if he was going to be full of himself. He tells corny jokes and people love him.” Joe says.

All of the entertainers enjoy their longtime fans, but also ‘sea’ a younger group enjoying these classic songs.

“Hate to be hard on the music of today, but think what it lacks is the craftsmanship and melodies that went into the era we grew up. You can really sing along with them. We had live tracking and for the most part that’s not done today. I think a lot of kids are attracted to that time. We have 15 year olds discovering our music,” he says.

Joe and ‘Rock the Yacht’ can’t wait to set sail at Fraze Thursday night.

“Being inside somewhere is cool, but there’s nothing like performing outside and we can’t wait. Ambrosia and the whole Yacht Rock crew invites you to bring your skippers hat and we’ll see you there.”

Life preservers are optional.

Cheers and ahoy mate!


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