JoJo Siwa was named one of TIME’s most influential people on the Internet

Posted on 2019-07-18.

There is no teen star quite like JoJo Siwa, a relentlessly enthusiastic 16-year-old from Nebraska who sings, dances, and vlogs on YouTube and TikTok. She wears bright colors and plays with unicorn toys; the trademark giant bows that she wears became so popular among tweens that they were banned at a number of schools in Great Britain, one of the star’s few controversies. More recently, she has parlayed her online fame into a real-world music career; as part of a larger creative collaboration with Nickelodeon, she has embarked on tour to perform songs like “Boomerang,” a sugary anthem against cyberbullying that has 700 million views on YouTube. But she still makes time to vlog the more mundane aspects of her life, such as bowling or shopping at Target. Her mostly young, fervent fanbase can’t get enough, and she regularly clears 2 million YouTube views a day. —Andrew R. Chow