Let’s Get Happy Together

Posted on 2014-08-05.

Happy Together Tour 2014

By Jim Bucher (Buch)

KETTERING – Don’t know about my Fraze Buch Blog readers, but I could sure use a little more happiness and I bet you could too!

So, why not get happy this Wednesday evening with the ‘Happy Together Tour 2014’ starring The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie, Chuck Negron (formerly of Three Dog Night), Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk Railroad) and Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels.

It promises to be an awesome time.

Last year Flo told me about the tour, “I think there’s a great cross section of music fans. You are always gonna have your fans, the ones that grew up and followed you, the baby boomers and the middle generation.  Now newer kids are picking up on that because of the success of the 60’s in the marketplace. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that all of these particular artists that do this tour every year bring a real solid hour of hit songs and a real good show.”

And the hits are plentiful.

Great songs like “Happy Together,” “She’d Rather Be with Me,” “You Know What I Mean,” “Elenore,” and “You Showed Me” to name a few.

And don’t get me started with Chuck Negron formally of Three Dog Night who brings along his own chart busters like “One,” “Lady Samantha,” “Old Fashioned Love Song,” “Eli’s Coming,” “Pieces of April,“ and one of my all time favorites “Joy to the World.”

Whew and that’s just two groups!

Flo says he loves Fraze audiences and the warm reception, plus the food keeps them coming back too.

“Fraze in Kettering is one of the best places with the best fans. We love going there because it has one of the best dinners, they really go all out with a family meal for us. And it’s one of those great nights.” He says.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets at www.fraze.com and get happy Wednesday night.

Oh and you can blame me for your sore mouth the next day from smiling so much!

Until next time, stay happy!