My Heart Will Soon Be Left At Fraze

Posted on 2013-08-22.

Tony Bennett

By Jim “Buch” Bucher

What can you say about crooner, superstar, last of a breed Tony Bennett, who will bring those sweet jazzy sounds to Fraze Sunday night, August 25th.

Well, I could be showing my age here, but growing up with my dad and his Fisher Stereo spinning LP’s on the turntable with plenty of jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and yes, Tony Bennett pouring out of the two speakers, well life gets no better.

But for some reason I was into the Beatles, Stones and many artists of the day that were a bit ‘younger’ than dad’s music.

Never really appreciated it then, but I would give anything to be sitting in our living room with my late father discussing the orchestrations and arrangers behind that fabulous music.

Today though, I appreciate the music even more.

What I know now.

Now with Ella and Frank long gone, this could be my last chance to see one of the “greats” live at Fraze.

For those that don’t know, Tony Bennett born Anthony Dominick Benedetto, August 3, 1926, began singing at an early age and never looked back.

His first hit was in 1951 and was a chart topper through the 60’s.

Then in the late 80’s, early 90’s he reinvented himself with a big comeback putting out gold albums and expanding his audience to the MTV generation.

Tony has sold over 50 million records and with his last two albums, Duets I and Duets II, has recorded with almost every popular artist of the day.

The 17 time Grammy Award winner brings his hits through the ages for one evening.

I remember when Frank Sinatra toured during his 75th birthday, performing here in the Miami Valley.

Soon after, Frank hung up his touring hat, but boy was I happy I experienced the Sinatra sounds.

Now here we are with Mr. Bennett, recently turning 87 and you wonder, will he come this way again?

Will this be my last chance to see this national treasure in his element performing live on stage?

I’m not taking any chances.

I’ll be there Sunday night and hope to see you there too.

Yes, I’m hoping to leave a little piece of my heart at Fraze Sunday night.

Break a leg Mr. Benedetto.



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