Paul Rodgers – get four bands for the price of 1

Posted on 2014-05-28.

Paul Rodgers

By Jim Bucher (Buch)

KETTERING – So how about this entertainment deal of the summer and of course only at Fraze?

Four bands for the price of one!

OK, let me explain, you see the guy behind bands like Bad Company, Free, The Firm and Queen is on stage LIVE Friday, June 6, at 8:00 p.m.

Yep, that’s right, the one and only Paul Rodgers.

In a recent phone interview, Paul tells me why he’s behind so many bands.

“Actually Jim, people think I move from band to band but in reality I co-founded all of them, but you’re probably right I am a restless soul and like to keep moving,” says the British born Rodgers.

And now a career spanning decades, Paul Rodgers has a catalogue of huge hits he’s sharing one night only at Fraze.

”Right now though I’m at a time in my life I’m putting it all together and can play a little from each group. With Free it’s ‘Wishing Well’ maybe or ‘Mr. Big’; and Bad Company, ‘Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy’ or ‘Feel Like Making Love’ and with The Firm maybe ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ or ‘Radioactive.’ I can create a very interesting set.”

But Paul doesn’t rest on past successes, last year he recorded his first new album in 13 years, The Royal Sessions at Royal Studios in Memphis Tennessee and it was wonderful being in Elvis Presley’s home town… again.

“Years ago when I was 18, I paid a visit to Graceland and Elvis was on tour so he wasn’t there. We started scaling the wall and I hear this voice, ‘can I help you? Next thing I know this cool security guy is taking us around the grounds. I’ll never forget.” Rogers says.

Paul is celebrating a big birthday in December, he’ll turn 65.

“Yes, the birthdays do get bigger don’t they, but I remember when I was 20 and thought I’m old, you don’t really change that much. I still love the things I always have, grooving with the music you’ve always loved – there’s just more to add to my resume.”

So, what can Fraze Fans expect?

“Playing solo with my band gives me the opportunity to play a nice mix from all my music. I think the Fraze audience will be pleased with the set. I do 20 or so shows a year and I’m happy one of them is Kettering.”

And we’re happy too Paul because this musician’s ‘Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy’ really did come true.

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