RAIN: A Tribute to The Beatles celebrates 50 years of “Abbey Road”

Posted on 2019-06-06.

RAIN: A Tribute to The Beatles” is a theatrical production that gives audiences the experience of seeing Beatles’ songs performed live in concert. Many of their songs were not performed live before the group’s unfortunate split in 1970. Luckily for us, The Beatles iconic album “Abbey Road” turns 50 this year, and “RAIN” will pay tribute to the record when it takes over the Fraze Pavilion June 27th.

“Their music is timeless,” Paul Curatolo, who plays Paul McCartney in the show, tells Metro. “Whether you just broke up with your first love, or are trying to express your feelings about the current politics. Their music was so diverse there’s a song for everyone to relate to.”

While older fans will definitely get a kick out of “RAIN,” the show hopes to resonate with audience members of any age with its rendition of the band’s iconic songs. Curatolo knows just how big of an impact that Beatles music can have on younger fans, especially with shows like “RAIN.” Curatolo’s father Joey actually started portraying McCartney back in 1978 and even toured with the Broadway production of “Beatlemania,” so it’s no surprise that he would go on to get involved with the “family business.”

“I was born with the Beatles music all around me,” says Curatolo. “My earliest memories of the Beatles music is with ‘RAIN’ actually. Watching dad and the rest of the lads play!”

“I’ve grown up watching my father portray McCartney,” he adds. “He asked me one day if I would be interested in training for the part and the rest is history.” 

As you can imagine, portraying someone as accomplished as McCartney isn’t an easy endeavor. Aside from having to learn how to perform left-handed like the famed Beatle, the singing was obviously a challenge as well.

“The singing is and will always be the big challenge,” says Curatolo. “Sir Paul has such a beautiful, precise, and powerful voice, it takes a lifetime to get it just right.”

“RAIN has toured since 1975, making it the longest-running Beatles tribute act. Despite its storied history, Curatolo believes the latest show is the best one yet.

“The show is new and better than ever,” says Curatolo. “You will hear the catalog of ‘Abbey Road’ live along with all of your other favorite Beatles songs while enjoying a multimedia celebration of live performance, special effects, and throwback footage!”

“I feel like The Beatles have a universal meaning for all of our generations,” he adds. “Hope, freedom, love and happiness.”

Tickets are on sale now.