Rubix Kube and the Set List Shake-Up

Posted on 2011-07-21.

Attention Fraze Fans! The 80s Tribute Band you loved last year, Rubix Kube is coming back to play at Fraze this Friday, and they are in need of your help!

Last night the band decided to travel back in time to 1985 to attend the movie premier of Back to the Future! The premier was boss, and afterwards Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown came to see them off in their time machine. The group was so amped to get back to 2011 for the Fraze show that the last thing they expected to see was a little old lady wandering out onto the road screaming, “Where’s the BEEF?!”

Guitarist Eric Prestl hit the brakes and swerved to miss her, but at lightning speed, the DeLorean DMC-12 went into a tailspin spiraling back to the future!* After a rough landing, the group members walked away with no injuries to themselves (or their costumes). But as fate would have it, their set list is all mixed up! Did Guns n’ Roses sing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”? The band is so shaken, they can’t be expected to solve a rubix cube, let alone remember if they’re supposed to Moonwalk to “Billie Jean” or “Bust a Move”! Can you help the band out by reorganizing their set list? Match the correct song to the artist, and you can help the band be ready to perform this Friday at Fraze!

1. AC/DC
2. Pat Benatar
3. Ah-Ha
4. Duran Duran
5. The Clash
6. Prince
7. Men At Work
8. Blondie
9. Twisted Sister
10. The Go Go’s
11. Poison
12. Motley Crue
13. Wham!
14. Culture Club
15. Van Halen
16. Joan Jett
17. KISS
18. Bruce Springsteen
19. Modern English
20. Journey

Song Title:
A. “Lick It Up”
B. “One Way or Another”
C. “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”
D. “Girls, Girls, Girls”
E. “I Love Rock and Roll”
F. “Dancing in the Dark”
G. “Let’s Go Crazy”
H. “Down Under”
I. “Hot for Teacher”
J. “Rio”
K. “Any Way You Want It”
L. “Nothing but a Good Time”
M. “We Got the Beat”
N. “Melt With You”
O. “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”
P. “You Shook Me All Night Long”
Q. “We’re Not Gonna Take It”
R. “Karma Chameleon”
S. “Rock the Casbah”
T. “Take On Me”

*Note: This story is entirely fictional, and no old ladies were ever in any danger of being crushed by a time machine.