Sammy Obeid joins Jim Gaffigan at Fraze Pavilion

Posted on 2022-06-20.

Just announced! Comedian Sammy Obeid will open for Jim Gaffigan at Fraze Pavilion on July 5th.

Lebanese-Syrian-Palestinian-Italian American (try saying it really fast) Sammy knows a lot about mixin’ it up. After double majoring in Business and Math at UC Berkeley—which is why he does comedy now—Obeid blends his college experience with his love for being the life of the party, breaking down the latest trending topics into deliciously-medicinal bite-size jokes that make you laugh your abs into a six pack while simultaneously getting smarter.

Voted “Fastest Rising Star” in Campus Activities Magazine, Sammy is the currently the host of Netflix’s acclaimed show 100 Humans, where he conducts mind-blowing scientific and social experiments on a group of 100 test subjects (don’t worry they agreed to it). He’s also appeared on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, TBS’s Conan, and often reminds strangers that he was the first comedian to ever tell jokes on the Food Network (sorry Rachael Ray).

In 2013, he may have even impressed his parents by setting a world record of performing comedy 1,001 consecutive nights, with his story featured in Time Magazine and The New York Times. As soon as the pandemic hit, Sammy opened his own virtual comedy club, KO Comedy, which allows comedians from all over the globe to continue working their craft and making money during these hard times. It should come as no surprise that he’s also running for President in 2036, so mark your calendar!