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Posted on 2014-04-30.

Paul Rodgers

Said to be one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time, Paul Rodgers has made a name for himself as the front man of such classic rock groups as Free, Bad Company, and The Firm. Fans call him “the voice,” and Mick Wall of Classic Rock Magazine noted, “Everyone knows that Paul Rodgers is one of the greatest singers in the world. What they are only just waking up to is that there may never be another like him.” This one-of-a-kind singer will make a tour stop at Fraze this summer on Friday, June 6th. You can prep for his visit by testing your knowledge of which Rodgers songs belong to Free, Bad Company or The Firm.

Match the song title to correct band and see how high you score.

(A) Free
(B) Bad Company
(C) The Firm

Song Title:
1. “Radioactive”
2. “Feel Like Making Love”
3. “Shooting Star”
4. “All the King’s Horses”
5. “Seagull”
6. “All Right Now”
7. “Satisfaction Guaranteed”
8. “Wishing Well”
9. “Run With the Pack”
10. “Closer”

Scoring on number of correct answers:
1-4: Bad
5-7: More Bad
8-10: Most Bad

For answers, click here!

Paul Rodgers will perform at Fraze Pavilion on Friday, June 6, 2014
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