Three Big Thank You’s: Fan Appreciation Concerts

Posted on 2011-04-29.

For Fraze Pavilion’s 20th Season, General Manager Karen Durham wanted to do something extra special for the supporters of Fraze Pavilion. Therefore, this season she has booked three classic acts for free. There’s something for a country roots rocker — Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (NGDB), something for a classic pop and R&B lover — The Temptations, and something for a nostalgic 80’s fan — Air Supply. The Temptations and Air Supply are Fraze veterans, but NGDB will be performing for the first time at Fraze. NGDB is the first of the three free Anniversary Concerts, and it will take place in June. The Temptations will perform in July and Air Supply will be the last of the three in August. Deciding which bands to book can be a tedious process with many roadblocks, but for Durham the process was necessary to pay proper tribute to those who have supported Fraze over the years.

Before the booking process, however, Durham and her team had to figure out the best way to pay tribute to Fraze supporters. “For almost a year, we’ve been talking about a way (as part of our 20th Anniversary Season) to say thank you to the Kettering Community and to the entire Miami Valley region for the continued support of the various activities and programming at Fraze Pavilion. What better way to say thank you than to have three free concerts this summer by nationally known recording artists?” concluded Durham.

Thus, the search began to find three acts that would be the highlight of the season. “We had a list of about 20 groups we were interested in presenting, so we started working with our agents in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville to discuss band availability. Air Supply was the only group on the original list of 20,” Durham reveals.

Even the best-laid plans can sometimes veer from the course, and in the best of situations, the end result is better than expected. Such was the case with booking the three anniversary bands. “Timing can sometimes mean everything in the concert booking business and The Temptations date was just that!” exclaims Durham, “Our agent needed to fill Friday, July 8 and we were looking for a great thank you concert for July.” The Temptations were a perfect fit, and as Durham went on to explain, “The Temptations have sold out the Fraze every time they have been at the venue with The Four Tops, and it was truly an opportunity we couldn’t pass up! Therefore, Friday, July 8 is our anniversary concert date with The Temptations.”

With one free concert each month, it gives fans something to look forward to, and because the acts are diversified in style, at least one show will hopefully appeal to fans. “Multiple music award winners, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band have never been to Fraze, The Temptations will keep you singing along all night, and you could say ‘love is in the air’ with the ballads of Air Supply,” says Durham.

With the concerts booked, it is time to remember why Fraze Pavilion is the establishment it is today. “Fraze Pavilion has been incredibly fortunate over the last 19 years. There were visionaries who took a chance on this outdoor amphitheater smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood. There continues to be strong City leadership and support for programming at Fraze Pavilion. We have strong financial support each summer from our season sponsors and associate partners. We have many Founder and Fan Club seat holders who renew their “seat licenses” year after year. We are fortunate to have developed a TEAM of dedicated staff members who believe in what we do each night we open our doors. And most importantly, we are fortunate to have guests who are passionate about events at Fraze Pavilion; who not only choose to spend their money, but their time at Fraze Pavilion. That’s why we’ve chosen to say Thank You with three very special concerts this summer,” says Durham. With all of those people backing the Fraze Pavilion, it’s no wonder the venue has gained national recognition, as well as a very special place in the community of Kettering.

So, if you feel the appreciation, join us for these free summer concerts! We’d love to say, “Thank you,” in person!