Timothy Goldrainer of The Menus: An Inside Look

Posted on 2011-01-02.

The many faces of Tim GoldrainerTimothy J. Goldrainer began singing at a very early age. Some of his finest childhood memories, he recollects, were entertaining family and neighbors at the local swim club, belting out Elvis tunes over the snack bar microphone.

“I was a skinny little runt, doing ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘Teddy Bear’ at the pool… wearing a green Speedo. I couldn’t believe it. Everyone loved it.” He immediately discovered his passion for entertaining. His future was clear.

Tim attended The School for the Creative and Performing Arts at age thirteen in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH, studying voice and several types of dance. It was not long after this he met his best friend and future Menus partner, drummer Brandon Ryan. Their love for music and desire to form a working band bonded them instantly. Tim then attended Oak Hills High School in Cincinnati, winning the Prom King crown as well as the coveted Outstanding Senior Music Award. Graduation soon followed and after a stint in a local pizza parlor, Tim decided to pursue his love full time and entertain professionally.

Tim’s unique and immediate chemistry with a live audience was incredible, and The Menus immediately were making a living playing music at young age. Tim’s strong vocal talents were always there, but his crazy stage antics began to appear, augmenting an already superb performance. His crazy, colorful costumes (most of them homemade); women’s swimsuits, brilliant hats, wrestler’s singlets and much, much more all became and remain part of his stage wardrobe. His jumping and high energy dancing are mesmerizing, as the look on the faces of the audience will attest. One of his signature tricks is leaping into the air, kicking balloons strung high above his head causing them to explode, showering the stage in a rainfall of confetti. Always a crowd favorite!

Tim is also a gifted skateboarder, which he incorporates in his show, by riding through the crowd on his hands (a trick he perfected in his youth). Tim loves keeping the crowd interacting with the band at all times, and will usually know a great majority of the audience by name at the end of a performance. He also enjoys giving out gifts from stage, the most popular being a button down sweater vest circa the 1970’s. To receive one is an honor and a tradition, and many past recipients can be seen wearing theirs at the current show.

Tim believes that if someone has left a Menus concert without the dancing, laughing, and entertainment of a lifetime, he didn’t succeed in his goals. This rarely happens.

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*Story from The Menus Website