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We’re Hiring…Join the Fraze Team

We’re always looking for friendly, enthusiastic people to work on our Fraze Team to assist guests, answer questions, and be willing to do whatever it takes to provide a great experience. Our team members are focused on providing exceptional service to our guests. 




  • Paul Rodgers Quiz Answers

  • Answers:
    1.  “Radioactive” – (C) The Firm
    2. “Feel Like Making Love” – (B) Bad Company
    3. “Shooting Star” – (B) Bad Company
    4. “All the King’s Horses” – (C) The Firm
    5. “Seagull” – (B) Bad Company
    6. “All Right Now” – (A) Free
    7. “Satisfaction Guaranteed” – (C) The Firm
    8. “Wishing Well” – (A) Free
    9. “Run With the Pack” – (B) Bad Company
    10. “Closer” – (C) The Firm