The Improv Comedy You Know and Love...LIVE!

Whose Live Anyway?

with special guests Drew Carey, Joel Murray, Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, and Jeff B. Davis

Saturday, July 23, 2022


Prepare to laugh until you cry when six of the world’s most masterful improv artists take you on the high wire act of comedic acrobatics. The rapid-fire wit and non-stop jokes will have your sides splitting and begging for mercy…and also begging for more. If you are a “Whose Line?” fan, get ready for the same relentless laughter that you grew to love, but without the commercial breaks! If you are new to improv comedy, then you are in for a show unlike anything you have ever seen before.

This particular style of improvisational comedy is rife with countless gags, one-liners, hilarious games and even songs so good you will hardly believe they were made up on the spot. The teamwork and trust that it takes to perform a show with no script is apparent, but when the best of the best do it, they do it effortlessly.

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